Club Information you need to know

This page outlines details of what you need to know about the Para Hills Bowling Club.

It provides details of Membership Fees, References to the Board of Management, provides Links to the Club’s activities, Constitution and Code of Conduct along with many other aspects.

Is a Club where you can play Lawn Bowls Wednesdays and Saturdays from April through to August and Night Owl Bowls during October to March.

These are great ways to introduce yourself, family and friends into a very sociable sport which may lead you to being part of a Pennant Team.

The Para Hills Bowling Club is an established integral part of the local community and welcomes everyone.

Age, Cultural Origins, Physical Disabilities are no barriers to sharing our facilities and activities.  New Bowlers especially Juniors are most welcome to join.


You can join the Para Hills Bowling Club by printing off an “Application For Membership”.

You can post, deliver or email your application to the Club address,

PO Box 205 Para Hills 5096

Further details, including membership fees and links to the club’s Constitution and Code of Conduct are available below. An Application For Membership can be obtained by clicking on this link PARA HILLS BOWLING CLUB APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP

Membership Fees (including capitation) For 2023 – 2024

  1. $200 to play Wednesday Mens Pennant Competition only
  2. $200 to play the Saturday Pennant Competition only
  3. $200 to play the Women’s Thursday Pennant Competition only
  4. $300 to play the Thursday Women’s and Saturday Pennant Competition
  5. $300 to play the Wednesday Men’s and Saturday Pennant Competition 

The fees listed above include Club Membership, Bowls SA capitation and a uniform for new members playing their initial pennant year.

Life Member (capitation only): $60
Junior / Student (under 18 years of age):$60
Associate / Social Bowler (Non Pennant):$120
Night Owls:$10 Registration Fee (a one off fee)
plus a weekly $5 Green Fee.
Social Non Bowler:$40

Board of Management
President : Daryl Bonney
Vice President : Glen Lewis
Treasurer : Tracy Bonney
Admin Secretary : Peter Campbell

House Manager :    Rob Williams
Bar Manager  :    Brady Hall
Ground Manager : Gerard Tancred
Tournament Director:  TBA
Chair of Selectors: 

The Constitution is a basic set of rules for the daily running of the club. It details for the information of our members and others the name, objects, methods of management and other conditions under which the Para Hills Bowling Club operates. To view the Club Constitution click this link Para Hills Bowling Club Constitution Amended September 2020

Being a member of the Para Hills Bowling Club entitles you to certain rights and responsibilities, as it does other members, guests, visitors and the club overall.  Members of, and visitors to, the Para Hills Bowling Club are required, under this Code of Conduct, to behave at all times in a way which upholds the values and good reputation of the Para Hills Bowling Club. This link will take you to a copy of the Para-Hills-Bowling-Club-Code-of-Conduct

Please contact the Para Hills Bowling Club by telephone on  (08) 8285 6744 if you require further information or wish to contact a member of the Board of Management. Alternatively email