Player Category and Membership Fees for 2024-2025


2 – Day Pennants (Wed & Sat) = $300
1 – Day Pennants (Wednesday or Saturday) = $200

Conditions of Category

  • Full Pennant Player
  • Bowls SA Capitation paid
  • Uniform supplied (must be returned if leaving the club before completing 3 membership years.)
  • Full Voting Rights (Cannot hold Office in first 12 months)
  • Entitled to Club hire discounts.
  • Night Owl registration included.

Associate / Social Bowler (Bowls SA 2024- 2025) – $120

Conditions of Category

  • May play in 3 pennant games per season, (club pays temporary player fee to Bowls SA when used.) Uniform not required, Club to provide uniform on loan (if practical).
  • Can play in Club Championships but not in other Clubs as per Bowls SA Bylaws. Point: 19.2
  • Full voting rights. (Cannot hold Office in first 12 months)
  • Entitled to Club hire discounts.
  • Night Owl registration included.

Junior / Student (Under 18)(Bowls SA 2024 – 2025). $60

Conditions of Category

  • Full Pennant Player
  • Bowls SA Capitation paid
  • Uniform supplied (but must be returned if leaving club within 3 years.)
  • Not entitled to vote
  • Not entitled to Club hire discounts.

Social Member  $40

  • Green fees $8.00 per day, whenever practicing.
  • Voting rights* (as per Club Constitution).
  • Not entitled to Club hire discounts in first year of membership.
  • Cannot stand for election before one (1) full year membership.

Night Owl Member Season 2024 – 2025 Reg $10.00

  • Cannot stand for election before one (1) full year membership.
  • Green fee of $5 to be paid weekly.


  • Shall be entitled to such privileges as the Board shall determine. Constitution 2.12.2
  • Such privilege as the Board shall determine.

Paying by cheque

  1. All cheques are to be made payable to the Para Hills Bowling Club Inc.
  2. On a separate accompanying letter state your Name,Membership Category and Game Days chosen.
  3. Please post cheques and accompanying correspondence to the following address,

Para Hills Bowling Club
PO Box 205
Para Hills SA 5096


Paying by Electronic Bank Transfer

The Club’s Banking Details are as follows:
Bank SA
BSB: 105-122
ACC: 039 911 640

Paying by Cash or Card

Payment by Cash or Card can be made at the Para Hills Bowling Club when the club bar is open for business.


Selection Committee.

The selection committee are responsible for selecting the club’s pennant teams.
The selection committee for 2024 – 2025 will consist of:
• Chair of Selectors:
• Selectors:

With an aim to be” Inclusive and Competitive ” Players will be selected where possible based upon the Selection Criteria listed below.

• Must remain impartial.
• Are required to attend Selection Meetings
• Must be available to liaise with Skippers verbally or electronically each week.
• Shall be conversant with Bowls SA and Metro Bowls Rules and Conditions of Play.

Selection Criteria for Players,

Benchmarking – Players will be selected based on their Skills and Abilities

Performance during Trial Games, Club Championship Results and Pennant Performances

Attitude – Player’s attitude towards Fellow Players, Members and Visiting Players must be inline with the Club’s Code of Conduct whilst on and off the Green. Focus and Concentration on the game,Timeliness of Players during Ends are essential to creating a Friendly and Positive Environment.

Team Balance – Efforts will be made to field balanced teams based on Available Players

FitnessPlayers should maintain a Level of Fitness enabling them to complete Pennant Games.

Training Attendance – Players should attend Training Sessions when possible. Players unable to attend should endeavour to practice in their own time. Players requiring requiring advice should approach the Club Coach.

Financial Status – Those players who have not paid their membership fees will not be selected.

Players should  post any “Unavailable Dates” on the “Unavailable Sheets”as early as possible prior to selection days (Monday each week). Any player who is unavailable for two weeks or more MAY! not automatically resume their previous position.

Post Selection 

In the event of a selected Player becoming unavailable must contact Selectors as soon as possible.
Injured or unfit Players will be replaced as necessary.
Any Player making themselves unavailable after selection without a good reason may be Demoted!

Player Infringements

Players Will be removed from Teams if the Club’ Code of Conducts been broken.

Every endeavour will be made to give all available full members at least one game per week using the current members list. Surplus players shall be rotated through the lower sides.


Skippers should display an ability to communicate instructions to Players in a positive manner. 
• Skippers need to explain reasons of Shots Selected to players if requested and encourage Feedback from Players.
• Skippers are to inform Selectors regarding individual Players performances should any changes be required. Any team changes being recommended need to be discussed at this point for presentation to the Selection Committee.

Players should approach their Team Selector with any queries relating to selection. Where a Player is unsatisfied with a Skippers appraisal they should consult with the Chair of Selectors or seek a discussion with a Selector.

All appraisals should reach Selectors by the Sunday evening following the weeks play. Selectors can be contacted verbally, by text or via email.