No Dumping

Individual bowlers who recognise, or have been advised, they are having difficulty delivering their bowl smoothly from a height of approximately less than 15cm (6 inches) are urged to seek assistance from the Club Coach.

The problem may be rectified by one of the following;

a. Videoing the delivery to identify the nature of the problem;
b. Changing the stance, at the point of delivery, so that the bowl is released low enough;
c. Using a supporting stick, with a 75mm rubber base, to assist with balance; or
d. The temporary use of one of the approved bowling arms available at the club.

Rectifying the problem will protect our club’s most valuable asset, the greens, and also save potential embarrassment when bowling at other clubs.  

Care must also be taken not to drop bowls onto the green when standing on the bank at the start of a game and when placing a bowl back onto the green after bowls have been put on the bank, when the bowl has gone out of bounds, or into the ditch.